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Maintenance Associate- Full Time

Windsor, Ontario


1. Maintain rental units to ensure the units are safe and in adequate condition 

Main activities

  • Complete work orders assigned each day
  • Repairs to minor electrical, plumbing and carpentry
  • Repair or install flooring 
  • Maintain the roofing 
  • Install appliances including stoves, refrigerators and washing machines
  • Patch and paint units and hallways 
  • Clean after any activities conducted 

2. Perform administrative duties 

Main activities

  • Keep daily log of tasks completed 
  • Follow a preventative maintenance schedule 
  • Maintain equipment and tools
  • Follow work order instructions 

3. Perform other related duties as required

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities 

The knowledge, skills and attitudes required for satisfactory job performance


The incumbent must have proficient knowledge in the following areas: 

  • Knowledge of carpentry and building maintenance
  • Knowledge of safe operation of basic hand and power tools
  • Knowledge of heating and ventilation systems
  • Knowledge of electrical systems
  • Knowledge of appliance maintenance
  • Knowledge of workplace safety and safe lifting and handling procedures
  • Knowledge of when to contact qualified service personnel


The incumbent must demonstrate the following skills

  • Carpentry and building maintenance skills
  • Excellent mechanical skills
  • Ability to operate required equipment in a safe and responsible manner
  • Client service and public interaction skills
  • Team building 
  • Effective verbal and listening communication skills
  • Time management skills

Personal Attributes

The incumbent must demonstrate the following personal attributes 

  • Be honest and trustworthy
  • Be respectful 
  • Posses cultural awareness and sensitivity
  • Be flexible 
  • Demonstrate sound work ethics
  • Deal with the tenants in a positive, courteous and respectful manner


Compensation is negotiable and will be determined upon the interview process and a benefit package will also be offered. 

About us: 

York Property Management (YPM) is a property management company that looks after over 1800 residential apartment units at over 25 different properties in Southwestern Ontario. YPM offers a variety of different layouts and size apartments which accommodate a diverse demographic of young couples, families, students and retirees. The company employs over 50 individuals working at head office, on site or at various properties managed by YPM.